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Disabled American Veterans (DAV) 5¢ Franking

The earliest DAV covers in my personal collection are those franked with five cents postage.  The 5¢ rate period began January 7, 1963 and continued through January 6, 1968.

Precisely dating these covers is very difficult as the covers are "mint" examples and do not have any cancellations.  I would very much appreciate any information/insights which could help to accurately date these covers. 

Franked with dry print 1¢ Washingtons (Scott 1031 Krause-Minkus 570p) this cover uses sheet stamps cut into strips of five.

Franked with five untagged 1¢ Jacksons, (Krause-Minkus 607, Scott 1209) this cover also uses sheet stamps cut into strips of five. 

My first example of a DAV cover with a coil stamp has five 1¢ Jacksons (Scott 1225a, Krause-Minkus 608z).  These are tagged stamps first issued July 6, 1966.
 This is also my first cover which mentions "name stickers" on  the reverse.

Franked with five 1¢ Jacksons (Krause-Minkus 607, Scot 1209) these are again sheet stamps trimmed into strips of five. The stamps are not tagged.  However, this cover has the blue diamond edge markings which became prominent on later issues.
Perhaps this cover was issued prior to the previous cover which used coil stamps. DAV often tests different copy as well as testing the use of different stamps.