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Stamps Used on Prepaid Return Envelopes

For years the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) has added low value stamps to the return envelopes included with their solicitation mailings.  These return covers most often contain large multiples of one or more different stamps to make the then current First Class postage rate. The covers not only provide a chronicle of modern US coil stamps, but also document USPS postal regulations especially during the recent 32¢ rate period. 

Through extensive testing, DAV determines which combinations of stamps produce the greatest contributions. At times it is difficult to know if a combination of stamps is from a test package or from the standard large scale mailing.

DAV is very guarded with the covers returned with contributions.  Perhaps  extremely overprotective of its contributors, DAV does NOT (well mabe usually does not) make used covers available to collectors.

Precisely dating these covers is difficult as the covers are "mint" examples and therefore do not have cancellations.  Some covers do have the date received noted by the recipient.  From the information available and the markings and return labels, I believe these covers are presented chronologically.  I would very much appreciate any information/insights which could help more accurately date these covers. 

For a recent example using 5¢ Circus Wagon stamps which should be untagged but do "sorta" glow under UV of look here.

I am interested to learn of and to obtain other DAV covers with different combinations of stamps and/or envelope designs.

Thanks for looking and thanks in advance for your help in documenting these DAV usages. 

Examples of DAV covers from various rate periods are shown when you follow the links below. 
5¢ rate period.
6¢ rate period. 
8¢ rate period.
10¢ rate period.
13¢ rate period.
18¢ rate period 
20¢ rate period.
22¢ rate period 
25¢ rate period 
29¢ rate period using the intaglio 5¢ Circus Wagons.
29¢ rate period using the gravure 5¢ Circus Wagons.
32¢ rate period - early
32¢ rate period - mid
32¢ rate period - late
Have you ever seen a postally used DAV cover?  Well click here for a cover someone used a prestamped DAV envelope to mail anoher addresse.

How about DAV covers actually mailed to the DAV?  Some collectors claim such examples do not exist. I think they do but are very hard to locate.  For some examples click here.  Let me know what you think.

Other Organizations Using Stamped Return Envelopes

The success of DAV using stamped return envelopes has led other organizations to use similar techniques. 

Modern US collectors often find covers franked with stamps obviously cut from other envelopes and then used on envelopes sent to utilities and other commercial firms.  Ever wonder where those stamps came from?  Some come from DAV envelopes but the "imitators" also mail thousands of franked return envelopes which can be used in the same way.

Who are these other charities using stamped return envelopes?  A pretty long (and pretty boring) list of such usages during the 32¢ rate period can be found when you click here.

Drop me an e-mail if you would like to see a scan of any of these other usages.