Parade of Postal Progress - The Stawecki Book

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In 1959 the Post Office Department of the United States (now the United States Postal Service) publicly demonstrated its new equipment and mail processing capabilities. 

From October 14 - 17 the Parade of Postal Progress Exhibition was held in Detroit Michigan. 

At the Exhibition, the Post Office allowed visitors to keep examples of the stamps and stationery which were used in its demonstrations.  Rather than using "real" stamps/stationery (which could have been used to pay for actual postal services) the post office used dummy materials. 

To answer questions about the event and introduce other collectors to dummy/testing material, Detroit collectors produced a number of booklets which contained both actual examples of the dummy/testing materials used at the Detroit Parade of Postal Progress and also actual examples of other dummy material. 

This page contains a scan of the booklet's title page with scans of the other pages linked below.    (Just click on the Page Number)

I hope you enjoy this adventure into the world of US dummy material.

Foreword A copy of the invitation to the preview reception.
(on "thermal" paper used in copy machines of the time)
Page 1 Photo of Detroit Postmaster at a stamp vending machine
Page 2 US Post Office cachet canceled Oct 17, 1959
Page 3 Burroughs cachet canceled Oct 17, 1959
Page 4 "CANCELED" #10 envelope used for demonstrations
Page 5 Dummy Postal Card
Page 6 Dummy 3¢ coil and cover
Page 7 Dummy 4¢ coil and cover
Page 8 Dummy booklet
Page 9 "Thermal" copy of the contents of the dummy booklet
Page 10 Earlier dummy coils
Page 11 Stampmaster machine and the Zeigle dummy coils
Page 12 "Emergency" dummy 4¢ stationary - 1960
Page 13 "Emergency" dummy 7¢ Air Mail stationary - 1960


Dummy  Stamps Intro (click here) Stampsjoann (click here)