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Disabled American Veterans (DAV) 32¢ Franking

Following are examples of DAV covers franked with thirty-two cents postage.  The 32¢ rate period began on January 1, 1995 and ended January 9, 1999. 

All stamps on these examples are untagged and all the Circus Wagon stamps are gravure printed.

These five examples are from what could be called the middle period of the 32¢ rate usage.   All are franked with four Circus Wagon stamps and continue the envelope markings from previous 32¢ examples. 

Precisely dating these covers is difficult as the covers are "mint" examples and do not have any cancellations.  Some covers do have the date received noted by the recipient.  From the information available and the markings and return labels, I believe these covers are presented chronologically.  I would very much appreciate any information/insights which could help more accurately date these covers. 

This cover is franked with three Steam Carriage (Scott 2451b, Krause-Minkus 943zx), plus four Circus Wagon stamps (Krause-Minkus 1007, Scott 2452B). 
The third Circus Wagon from the left has a plate number A3.

This example uses the same franking as the previous (above) cover but has a red diamond border rather than the usual blue.  Perhaps this is a test mailing by DAV, but more likely it is a donor acquisition mailing rather than a mailing to a previous donor. 
The leftmost Circus Wagon stamp has a plate number A3.  This cover was mailed in March 1995.

Cover three has four similar Circus Wagon stamps but uses four Conestoga Wagons (Krause-Minkus 883zx, Scott 2252a)
The second from the left Circus Wagon stamp has a plate number A3.  This cover was mailed in May 1995.

The fourth cover also has four Conestoga Wagons on the more recent whiter paper.  The four Circus Wagon stamps were printed by Stamp Venturers (Scott 2452D, Krause-Minkus 1077).  These Stamp Venturers' stamps have a cent sign following the denomination and the year 1995 printed in the lower left corner.
The Circus Wagons have a plate number S1 on the stamp third from the left.  The Conestogas have a plate number 6 on the third stamp from the left.

The final cover, from a Commanders Club mailing, is again franked with Avery Circus Wagon stamps (Scott 2452B, Krause-Minkus 1007) and the four Conestoga Wagons are printed on the more recent whiter paper. (Krause-Minkus 883zx) 
This cover also has a pure white area on which the bar code is printed.  My assumption is that the USPS asked DAV to print the bar code on a white, rather than textured surface, to make the bar code more easily readable by USPS equipment.  Perhaps this cover is a test for what would become standard practice in the future.  Below is a 300% scan hopefully showing the white, rather than texture printed, area around the bar code.  I realize the scan is a monster at 300%, 100 DPI and 92+ jpg (for quicker loading most all my other scans are 100%, 75 DPI and 70 jpg)  Well, anyway, hope your monitor can see the differences. 

It is interesting to see each of these covers have sender applied bar codes but still do not have the Facing Identification Marks (FIMs) usually associated with mailer applied bar codes.

None of these covers has a stamp which is tagged and therefore cannot activate the USPS facer/canceling machines.