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Disabled American Veterans (DAV) 29¢ Franking

Following are examples of DAV covers franked with twenty-nine cents postage using the 5¢ gravure printed Circus Wagon stamps.  The 29¢ First Class rate period was from February 3, 1991 through December 31, 1994.  As the first gravure printed Circus Wagon was issued December 8, 1992, these covers would only have been used beginning in December 1992 through December 1994. 

All the covers on this page are franked with the gravure printed version of the Circus Wagon stamp Scott 2452B,  Krause-Minkus 1007.

Precisely dating DAV covers is difficult as the covers are "mint" examples and do not have any cancellations.  Some covers do have the date received noted by the recipient.  From the information available and the markings and return labels, I believe these covers are presented chronologically and most likely followed the use of the intaglio printed Circus Wagons.  I would very much appreciate any information/insights which could help to accurately date these covers. 

This first cover is franked with five Circus Wagons and a pair of block tagged Locomotive stamps (Krause-Minkus 873, Scott 2226)
The far right Circus Wagon has a plate number A1 indicating that the stamp was printed by the American Bank Note Company.  The earliest known usage of the Circus Wagon A1 is April 12, 1993.

This second example also uses five Circus Wagons and a pair of block tagged Locomotives.  The left Locomotive has a plate number 1 and the recipient noted a date received of January 19, 1994.  Both of these first two covers are from Commanders Club mailings and are slightly smaller envelopes which do NOT have address labels on the reverse.  Also these smaller volume mailings seem to place the longer strips of coils at the right rather than at the left as on the more numerous name label solicitations. 

The third cover has the usual five Circus Wagons but this time the pair of 2¢ Locomotives are untagged (Scott 2226a)  The far left Circus Wagon stamp has plate number A3.  Typical of these A3 Circus Wagons, the red ink reacts slightly to short wave ultraviolet light.  The recipient noted that the cover was received on March 30, 1994.  The EKU of the A3 is reported to be May 2, 1994.  If the recipient had used the cover in a controlled mail situation s/he could have had the EKU! 

The final cover is also franked with five "glowing ink" Circus Wagons and two block tagged Locomotives (Scott 2226, Krause-Minkus 873).  The recipient dated this cover as received in December 1994.