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Disabled American Veterans (DAV) 20¢ Franking

Following are examples of DAV covers franked with twenty cents postage.  These covers therefore date from the period of November 1, 1981 through February 16, 1985.

Precisely dating these covers is very difficult as the covers are "mint" examples and do not have any cancellations.  I would very much appreciate any information/insights which could help to accurately date these covers. 

The cover is franked with five tagged 2¢ Jeffersons (Scott 1055a, Krause-Minkus 588p1ssz) and one 10¢ Americana (Scott 1617, Krause-Minkus 709).  The Jeffersons are a line strip of five... the line being between the third and fourth stamp. 

This example uses five Cottrell Press 2¢ Locomotives (Scott 1897A, Krause-Minkus 790) and one Americana (Scott 1617, Krause-Minkus 709). 
Of special interest is the plate number coil, #4, on the far right locomotive.