Liberty Usages

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Another of my collecting interests is proper usages of the Liberty series stamps.

The Liberty series of stamps began on April 9, 1954 with the issuance of the 8¢ Statue of Liberty stamp.  The series continued with new definitive stamps issued to meet the demand for various postal rates and concluded in 1980 with a coil stamp of the 25¢ Revere.

The series was produced during a time the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) was instituting new printing technology (such as the change from wet to dry printing) and the Post Office was demanding new technology for the processing of the mail (such as the tagging applied to stamps)

Given the relatively long period of usage there are multiple varieties, or types, of many of the Liberty stamps which makes the series an exciting one to collect as examples of proper usage and most especially proper usages of my favorite Liberty stamp, the 6¢ Teddy Roosevelt.

For some interesting usages click on the links below...
+ On tags used to mail live bees

I'd very much appreciate hearing about any unusual usages of Liberty series stamps in your collection.
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