E-Com Mail
(a failed experiment)
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Some E-COM Look-a-Likes

While E-Com was unceremoniously ended by the United States Postal Service (USPS) on September 3, 1985, the look and feel of electronic mail continued into the future.

The example below even uses the USPS logo on a non-profit bulk mailing.  Perhaps it was transmitted by tape rather than satellite, but it's still electronic :)

Less than two months after the demise of E-COM, this E-CON letter was sent presorted First Class mail.

The contents of this E-CON letter demonstrates a commercial message similar to that of many E-COM mailings.

A First Class presorted letter from April 1986 touts electronic dispatch (whatever that is) and its name accurately forecasts today's preferred electronic communication; E-Mail.

Even bulk rate mail boasted electronic generation.  This E-Gram was posted about  two months after E-COM's demise.

An interesting sidelight is this Western Union letter sent in 1984, at a time when Western Union and the USPS were still partners and E-COM was still operating.

And we end where we began on the Forerunners' page... a postal telegram, this one mailed in 1992.

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