Dummy Booklet

Dummy Introduction Stampsjoann (click here)


Typically Dummy booklets are produced to test and/or set up production and distribution equipment for US booklets.  This Dummy booklet was reportedly used to set up a USPS booklet vending machine.

Offered for the first time, to my knowledge, on an eBay September 2002 auction, following is a scan of a new Dummy booklet and the Pheasant booklet (SCOTT BK242A, Krause-Minkus B308) which the Dummy seems to emulate.

While the die-cuts are hard to see on the above scan, they do match the die-cut on the Pheasant booklet.  Click here for a scan of the Dummy at 600 dpi which will more clearly show the die-cuts (a very large file)
Click here for a scan of the top row of the dummy at 600 dpi which shows the die-cuts and is a smaller file.

Also at 100% and 100 dpi, following is a scan of the back of the booklets.

The Dummy stamps have tagging similar to the tagging on the Pheasant booklets.  However, the front cover of the Dummy booklet has a dull finish and is not hi-brite; the Pheasant front cover has a glossy finish and is hi-brite.

Have you been able find examples of similar or perhaps different modern Dummy stamps or booklets?

Hope to hear from you...

Dummy Introduction Stampsjoann (click here)