Free Delivery Confirmation

Believe it or Not....

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is providing a Free service.

Free Delivery Confirmation is available for Priority mail if the confirmation label is printed from the USPS internet site.  Delivery Confirmation is also available for Priority mail by using traditional printed labels but the cost is 45¢

During August 2002 the fee for the lightest Priority Mail is $3.85.

Below is an example of a Free Delivery Confirmation cover franked with a meter which is also available from the USPS internet site.


Below is a similar cover but this time franked by a stamp.  Any valid US postage can be used for franking. In this case the stamp is a NetStamp which is also available on the internet from a private company called


When printed from the USPS web site, the full Delivery Confirmation print is 8½" x 11" and contains directions for its use.